Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Issue Four Submission Deadline Reminder and More News

Thursday, December 1st is the deadline for Issue Four of 5x5 Fiction. Get moving, people! And read the guidelines...

Also, this Thursday, I will have a Trestle Press guest blog post entitled, 5x5 Fiction: Skillfully Shortening the Short Story. I'll be blogging, in general, about the short fiction form, a bit about the so-called origin of the 6-word story, and sharing several 5x5 Fiction works that have appeared in our pages from authors: Simon Kewin, Scott Cole, Kevin G. Bufton, Debbi Antebi, and L. Muñoz.

And, as I'm a guest author on Giovanni Gelati's GZone Radio Show on this same day, I'm sure I'll be making mention of 5x5 Fiction as well.

I'll post a link on Thursday.

ADDENDUM (11/30/11):

My 5x5 Fiction blog post will definitely be up at Trestle Press on Thursday, December 1st, but I won't be a guest on GZone until late December or early next year. I was reading from the wrong schedule posting. My bad.