Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Submissions are currently closed


All of the submissions we received for 5x5 Fiction: Issue Five are under review.

A blog post announcement will be made when we are once again accepting work for the next issue.

Monday, June 4, 2012

AN EROTIC UPDATE: 5x5 Fiction Issue Five and Submission Call

I’m on the tail end of reviewing submissions for our special erotic fiction issue. Writers, expect a response by this weekend.

All-in-all, submissions were few and slow in coming (forgive the pun), but the quality was stellar. That said, I’m still short on word count. Each issue of 5x5 contains exactly 25 stories = 625 words total . Right now, I’m coming up short. In order to give you more bang for your buck (don’t worry, I’m still giving it away for free)… I’m going to re-open submissions for a period of one week.

What am I looking for?

You have one week to create either a 50-, 75-, or 100-word erotic story. I’m loosely dubbing these double, triple, and quadruple 5x5’s.


Disregard the 5 word, 5 sentence structure and send in your best 50-, 75-, or 100-word erotic story. That’s it. The only catch? It must be exactly one of the aforementioned word count lengths and it must be your very best. That’s it. Write it, proofread it, and send it in the body of your e-mail to loudandclearfiction (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I’ll be closing this call either a week from today, June 11th, 2012 or the moment I reach my 625 word issue total.

Let’s do it, people. And please Facebook, tweet, blog about this. Hell, scribble the website address on bathroom stalls. Whatever you can do.

To be clear: I'm looking for erotic fiction not porn or smut. My 100-word story, The Robotics of Sex, which appeared in Erotica Quarterly last year may help to provide an example.

The Robotics of Sex
By Angel Zapata

Felicia tells me that all men are robots.

I slide my fingertip against the touch screen of my heart and launch a more suitable program.

She tells me that once, while away in college, she shared software with a girl in her science class. “Her character was of no particular font,” she recollects. “And she was a control freak. I quickly pushed escape.”

I remind her I was created for pleasure, nothing more.

“I know,” she says sadly, stroking my keys. “I do possess such a passion for hardware.” She removes her clothes.

As I lean forward, she hits enter.

Copyright © 2011 Angel Zapata