Sunday, January 8, 2012

5x5 Fiction Presents ISSUE FOUR: Smoke

Issue Four is live! The theme is Smoke...

Smoke \'smōk\ n
“Something insubstantial, unreal, or transitory;
Something used to conceal or obscure;
To detect and bring to public view; expose or reveal;
Slang: To kill; murder.”
-The American Heritage® Dictionary


Please do take the time to provide feedback here. As always, I want to know what you do and don’t like. At the very least, let these amazing writers, artists/designers know how much you appreciate their work.

-Angel Zapata


  1. Another knock-out edition! I don't envy you having to come up with a theme, but somehow you always do. Excellent artwork on this one too.
    Btw, the upper left-hand corner of the document says "Issue Two" instead of Four.

  2. I'm so happy to see the next issue! A fantastic collection of micro-fics - they tied so well together. Thank you for everything. :)

  3. Great issue! Love the cover and the very appropriate theme. I'm thrilled to be a part of it. These stories are like opening a can of cashews. I just gobble them up! Don't hate me if I say I can't wait for issue five. ;)

  4. Excellent issue that I am proud, and humbled, to be a part of. Thanks again Angel!

  5. Wonderful issue Angel. So thrilled you chose me for the Author Spotlight. Terrific entries everyone, and honored to have shared the experience with you.

  6. Spellbound, by L. Muñoz, Freeze Tease, by Absolutely*Kate, Naughty or Nice?, by Michael J. Solender, Mistaken Identity, by Laura Eno, and Parolee, by S. Kay are my favorite fives.

    Great issue, Angel. I think the theme, Smoke, is a hit, combining the stories and cover well.

  7. Another great issue, Angel and I'm so pleased to be a part of it.

    My favourites this month are 'I Thee Dead' by Jessica R. Ferguson, 'Spellbound' by L. Muñoz and 'Capture' by Amy L. Smith.

    The cream of the crop, though, has to be 'Mistaken Identity' by Laura Eno - top notch work!

  8. It took awhile but I managed to narrow them down to five favorites.

    8-Ball Ante by Jaie D. Maclane, Starting Fresh by Karen Silsby, Mistaken Identity by Laura Eno, A Stroll in the Moonlight by Phil Trainor, and Sounding the Alarm by Lisa Vooght.

  9. Beautiful cover art! Nice line-up. "Harold's Problem" and "A Stroll in the Moonlight" both had me chuckling.

  10. This is amazing issue! I was wondering, when are you going to announce the theme of issus 5?

  11. The cover art is really stunning, I love it! I haven't read the whole issue yet, but enjoying it. Thanks for the inclusion.

  12. Love the art work on the cover. Awesome! Great stories.

  13. Great and amazing little snippet tales. Well done, everyone.

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