Friday, March 11, 2011

UPDATE: 5x5 editing is complete. Issue One is around the corner

Let me first say, thank you to all the writers and readers who anxiously await the release of the premier issue. I know you’re going to be thrilled by the quality and passion of work.

The editing is finally complete. Right now I’m working on formatting, and hopefully there will be a smattering of complimentary pics alongside a few select stories. I’ve also determined that each issue will include 25 stories, one of which will be featured as the “5x5 Spotlight.” This spotlight will highlight one author’s work on the opening page.

Bear with me just a little while longer.

It’s worth the wait.

-Angel Zapata


  1. A 5x5's worth of stories is an awesome idea, completing the theme. I can hardly wait to see what everyone has come up with!

  2. Echoing the Eno awesome and the soul of Solender's propensity to woot . . . your 5x5 concept has thrive cracklin' right through it Mr Zapata.

    Lookin' most forward to trip those pages fantastic. Congrats ahead of time, for it must be so. ~ Absolutely*Kate