Friday, June 10, 2011

5x5 Fiction presents ISSUE TWO: Secrets, Scuffles and Surprises

Once again it’s my pleasure to present you with another spectacular issue of 5x5 Fiction. Get ready for some familiar names alongside some new blood. You have the option to view the issue online or download the pdf file.

ISSUE TWO: Secrets, Scuffles and Surprises

Please do take the time to provide feedback here. I want to know what you do and don’t like. At the very least, let these amazing writers know how much you appreciate their work.

-Angel Zapata


  1. Damn that's fine writing!

    Congrats to all the authors in this issue. Lots of familiar names, and lots of new ones to watch. I can't pick faves- but two standouts are the Devil's "date" and J-Mac's trailer park horror.

    Excellent editing Mr. Zapata. Excellent choices. Excellent issue!

  2. Really enjoyed this issue! Great stories -- what a fabulous idea these savory morsels are. Thank you again for the recognition! Some favorites of mine in this issue: "Love Your Neighbor's Pet", "Better Than A Smoke", and "Sowing For Spring." Love the visuals everyone. You had me right there inside the story -- cringing!

  3. Another awesome edition, Angel!

  4. Another fine edition, Angel. I'm honoured to be part of it. Thanks!

  5. Ooo, there's some good ones here. I like "Bytes and Pieces" best. It's the scariest because it's the most true. Reason #1 I try to step away from the computer. "Sign on the Dotted Line" struck a chord because I plan to enlist and in the back of my mind that "just a shield" thought sometimes creeps in. The zombie fanatic in me loved "Viral Intelligence Research Systems" and the CJ major in me loved "Flip a Coin and Move On." For the word limit, "The Missing Boy" was perfectly executed. Great prose Eric.

    These were all pretty damn good. Put mine to shame. Good to see David Barber participating too. Nice issue.

  6. Prank & Gifted Romance were the ones I couldn't get out of my mind at the end of the issue. Flip A coin & Move On, Love your neighbor's pet, Tick Tock, Better than a smoke (the bio seemed part of the story), VIRUS, and the 5x5 feature really stuck out for me. (Congrats on your first publishings & feature L. Munoz! You did a wonderful job. It took me a moment to get the plot, but once I did it sank in deep. Very chilling. I can't wait to see what your longer works will hold.)
    Everyone's stories was really terrific and reading this as a whole is so fun.

    Another twisted issue, Zapata!

  7. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I, and I know the authors, appreciate the feedback. Keep spreading the word about 5x5 Fiction!

  8. Wow! That was AWESOME! How can so few words be so affecting? Great job, Angel, I am SO impressed.

  9. Congrats Jodi. Looking forward to the read. These are SO hard to write!

  10. Jodi McA understands the concept of a bad story . . . she just doesn't know how to write one. BTW Jodi, you're still gonna babysit, right?
    Cool beans, Lady Mayhem.

  11. Loved 'Revelation' which gave me a real shiver!

  12. Really loved this issue and all the stories. Some were really terrifying and others unnerving due to their brushing proximity to reality.

    The bar has been raised again. Great stuff all around.


  13. Great stuff. I liked. Hard to get so many top pieces at such short lengths. Particularly memorable for me are Bytes and Pieces, and Trailer Snuff

  14. Wow, Angel, you've really got something special going on over here, bud! I'm ashamed to say I missed the opening party at this gig, but, hell, I'll be back.

    Can't pick between the authors - outstanding work from all.


  15. Oh wow, those were amazing.
    I loved them -- every one.
    Kudos to the fabulous authors!
    And I admit I'm inspired.
    I may submit some, too.


  16. Another great issue of 5x5! All are great pieces, and dark in their own way.

    I really enjoyed Confession, Wrong Number, Love Your Neighbor's Pets, and Flip a Coin and Move On.

    Nice job, Angel.

  17. Great issue - congratulations to everyone!

  18. just read issue 1 - ***** no doubt.